And The Lights of Reason All Went Out in Massachusetts

Let’s be clear – I agree the focus of the 2012 campaign will be on the economy. It’s my view, however, that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. American Thinker this week had a good post about the silly notion of a “truce” on the social issues – you can read it here.

But if you want to know another example of why we can never let up on the fight to restore sanity to our culture – read this article in its entirety (you can also listen to the author reading it – see link near the top):

[A] December 12th email alert from Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance […] reported on what can only be described as an abominable piece of insanity. The Sunday front page story in the Boston Globe reported glowingly on a family with twin boys, one of whom believes he is a girl, and the boy’s parents are going to horrific lengths to encourage his delusion.


The story in last Sunday’s Boston Globe is astonishing at every level. Even the title of the piece is all wrong: “Led by the Child Who Simply Knew,” as if the roles of parents and children have been reversed. Since when is a young child capable of leading his parents? This is a long feature story with two full pages inside the newspaper, and reading the story is extremely difficult, because of the sickening nature of it. These identical twin boys, named Wyatt and Jonas Maines, were similar in most ways, except that from a very young age, Wyatt wanted to be a girl.

The long and short of it is that eventually the parents put Wyatt under the “care” of a “doctor” who ended up administering puberty-blocking drugs to him at age 11, so that now, at age 14, he is five inches shorter and fifteen pounds lighter than his identical twin brother. This kind of sick, twisted human experimentation would fascinate the Nazi Dr. Mengele, who was especially interested in identical twins.

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You might also want to check out the book of Matthew in the New Testament, chapter 18 verse 6.