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UK: Islamic schools teaching hatred of non-Muslims, turning out jihad terrorists

But not to worry: the Department of Education isn’t “Islamophobic.” They’re also watching those highly dangerous Orthodox Jews and Plymouth Brethren.

“Extremism unchecked in schools, secret briefing reveals,” by Duncan Gardham and Tom Whitehead in the Telegraph, December 31 (thanks to Raheem):

More than 100 independent faith schools may be radicalising students, the Department of Education has warned in a secret memo which admits that officials are struggling to tackle extremism in state and private schools.

Michael Gove, the education secretary, was one of the key voices calling for a ban on support for non-violent extremism when it published its Prevent strategy to fight radicalisation last year.

But behind closed doors there are concerns about 118 “socially conservative” independent faith schools – the vast majority of them Muslim – where pupils may be encouraged to cut themselves off from mainstream society.

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France: Muslims celebrate New Year’s Eve by burning 1,200 cars

“Youths” demonstrating their utter contempt for Infidel society.

“Muslims Burn About 1,200 cars on New Year’s Eve in France,” from the Conservative Papers, January 1 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday that 1,193 vehicles were burned overnight around the country. Clashes between police and offenders in the New Year’s Eve took place in the Muslim majority districts in the city of Strasbourg and Mulhouse. About seven police officers were attacked New Years eve night.

Around 1,200 cars were burned by rioting Muslims on the New Year’s Eve in France, where the mass burning cars in the national holidays are kind of tradition among Muslim residents of the disadvantaged suburbs of immigrants.

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