‘Anonymous’ Book Is an Unprecedented Attack on the Presidency

Not nearly enough people will read this article by Doug Wead or even know of the existence of his forthcoming book regarding the unprecedented attack on the presidency:

‘Anonymous’ Book Is an Unprecedented Attack on the Presidency

Make no mistake about how reckless this unprecedented attack on the presidency is. The violation of trust, combined with the author hiding his or her identity, prior actions and current motives from the American public, undermines the presidency at its core.

The deep state—which the media used to pretend was a myth—is now admitting openly that it exists. The incontrovertible fact that the deep state is real and active presents a clear danger to our constitutional order.

The media have provided ground preparation, in a New York Times op-ed that sets out to do two things. First, it admits that what conservatives have argued since Donald Trump’s campaign is true. There are right now government employees at the highest levels of our federal departments actively working to undermine the elected head of state, their own boss in the executive branch. Second, it attempts to rehabilitate the permanent, unelected bureaucracy—call it the “administrative state” or call it the “deep state”—as a group of noble patriots just trying to protect the republic.

Make no mistake, they are not noble servants. These deep state actors are a threat to the Republic. No one elected them. No one gave them authority to undermine a duly elected president of the United States to whom they report. No one allowed them to put their political views ahead of the constitution and laws of our land. They are usurpers working in concert with each other to challenge Trump from the shadows.

The deep state is firing its most egregious salvo at the president yet, in the upcoming book by “Anonymous.” This same faceless bureaucrat first assaulted the presidency—not the president, but the presidency itself—a year ago in the pages of the New York Times.

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