Another ’60s Radical Finds His Place Teaching Our Children

Kyle Olson is one of the best writers today on the rot that is our government funded K-12 schools. Here’s an excerpt from his latest:

Unfortunately for traditional America – the one that values independence, free market capitalism and limited government – too many aging radicals from the 1960s and ‘70s have found their way into government school classrooms.

Some, like Bill Ayers, found a home in the hallowed halls of higher academia. Today he collects a pension from the very government he vowed to destroy just a few short decades ago. Others, like Robert Roth, set their sights on K-12 education.


Their new goal is to alter traditional American culture by indoctrinating the young students in their charge. They spending precious class time teaching our children about their vision of America, which would be equal to all other countries; where the efforts of motivated individuals are sacrificed at the temple of forced collectivism; where the laws are driven by moral relativism and truth that comes in shades of gray.

One example of their work is a documentary called, “It’s Elementary – Talking About Gay Issues in School,” which was deemed “an indispensible and unparalleled resource for all school personnel” by former National Education Association president Reg Weaver.

Folks, if you think the “educated” “educators” that run your local “public” school know what they’re doing, please wake up and realize that they don’t.

The sooner the entire system is dismantled and the slaves (children and parents) are set free, the sooner we’ll see a better educated populace.

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