Anti-Semitism is Just More Evidence that Europe Isn’t ‘Enlightened’

Rush Limbaugh jokes about his show being on “the cutting edge of societal evolution.” Without joking, political lefties have been telling American political conservatives that Europe is “evolved” and “enlightened,” and that it should be the goal of the U.S. to emulate the old country.

Whether economically with their out of control welfare state, their limited military spending making them dependent on the U.S., their progressive “morality” that throws out common sense, and even — and I kid you not — their “friendliness,” Europeans are supposed to be the model for Americans to follow. A huge advocate of that thinking lives in the White House. From “leading from behind” in foreign policy, to running up Greek-like debt levels, to further weakening marriage and attempting to normalize aberrant sexual behavior, Obama has been a man of action and not just talk.

For a few years now I’ve been seeing news reports about the growing level of anti-semitism in Europe. It didn’t surprise me, don’t get me wrong — I was never one to fall for this notion that Europe was changing for the better. If Europe leads the West in anything, it’s on the cutting edge of decline.

For me, anti-semitism is about as dumb as it gets. Not surprisingly, reports are that hatred of the Jews has begun to show up regularly on American college campuses. What else would you expect when the academy is dominated by Europe loving professors?

Oh, and don’t think this Jew hatred is just found among the Muslim immigrants to Europe. No, this idiocy is right there among the natives. You would’ve thought the Nazis would have given it a bad name.

Here are headline links to three articles that have posted just within the past few days on the topic of anti-semitism.

First up, from The Atlantic’s April edition:

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?
By Jeffrey Goldberg

For half a century, memories of the Holocaust limited anti-Semitism on the Continent. That period has ended—the recent fatal attacks in Paris and Copenhagen are merely the latest examples of rising violence against Jews. Renewed vitriol among right-wing fascists and new threats from radicalized Islamists have created a crisis, confronting Jews with an agonizing choice.

Next, from American Thinker on March 15th:

Jew-Bashing 101
By Janet Tassel

When I found myself hoping that my college-bound granddaughter will not “come out” as Jewish, I realized I had time-traveled back to the Germany of the 1930s — and I wasn’t singing “Willkommen.”

My fears were only heightened this week as I watched the film Crossing the Line 2 at its Boston premiere. The film details the spreading infection of anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic) activity on American college campuses. Guest of honor and speaker at the showing was the noble and beautiful Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who said that watching the film was like “having a bucket of ice water” dumped on her head.

Lastly, from on March 16th:

Michael Douglas Rediscovers Judaism After Son Targeted by Anti-Semites
By Adelle Nazarian

Actor Michael Douglas recently published an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times in which he condemned anti-Semitism and detailed how how he both reconnected with Judaism and found himself defending it through his son, Dylan.

Dylan, 14, had experienced the stinging burn of its wrath while the family was vacationing in Southern Europe this past summer. A man started shouting at him by the pool, bringing him to tears, because he was wearing a Star of David around his neck–a symbol of Judaism that also appears on the flag of Israel.

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