Antifa Is Un-American

You won’t hear that “Antifa” is un-american from the Leftist “news” outlets. This is an excerpt from an article by James Lewis at American Thinker:

In a perverse way, Charlottesville could help the cause of constitutionalist conservatism. Why? Because the hard left is now finally dropping the mask of nonviolence and expressing its true Stalinist character. Conservatives should make a point of collecting all the hateful comments from the left these days. Keep them in a safe place, and when the time is right, remember who said what.

The enemy has ripped off its mask, and they can never take their words back. They are now on the permanent record, chiseled in hard rock, even as they rush about madly calling for statues of the past to be torn down.

Wars – even political wars – are miserable to endure. But they tend to clarify things, to separate good from evil, the sheep from the goats. Today, in Charlottesville and all over America, anti-American and un-American hatred is out of its cage. Every single public figure, including screen actors, who have shared their hatred for POTUS and therefore the U.S. Constitution, is un-American, because the U.S. Constitution is what makes this blessed land great.

Historians — honest ones, if there are any left — know that the American Constitution is a piece of extraordinary luck for all of us. The Constitution has kept this country safe for 230 years, as long as we have clung to its plainly written tenets.

Antifa hates the U.S. Constitution, and according to Obama, the Constitution grants only “negative rights.” That’s a code word for the freedoms the Constitution grants Americans.

But free speech ends when hateful types shout “fire” in a crowded theater, a long held and practical standard of acceptable conduct.

I’m sorry to say that rather decent people like Mitt Romney and Bush 41 and 43 instantly collapsed to the mob. So have scores of other public figures. Please remember them all, and keep their words on the public record. They are already trying to erase them from Google searches.

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