‘Assimilate or Leave’ has Always Been U.S. Immigration Policy

By Civis Americanus:

The proposition that people who do not like the United States should go back where they or their ancestors came from predates Donald Trump by almost 200 years. The “Annual Register” of 1820 said of Caucasian immigrants from German-speaking countries, “…if they cannot accommodate themselves to the moral, political, and physical state of this country, the Atlantic Ocean will always be open to them to return to their native countries.” Theodore Roosevelt added of predominantly Caucasian immigrants, “It is an immense benefit to the European immigrant to change him into an American citizen. To bear the name of American is to bear the most honorable titles; and whoever does not so believe has no business to bear the name at all, and, if he comes from Europe, the sooner he goes back there the better.” Donald Trump has therefore said nothing that has not been said many times before, and by some of our nation’s most respected leaders.

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