Attention America: What REALLY Went Down in Roseburg

From Tami Jackson:

A first hand report from a NATIVE Oregonian…

Friday promised to be a splendid day: blue skies, a sunny 84 degrees, and a small town in Oregon busting at the seams with patriots.

I was invited to the event by my friend and event co-organizer Casey Runyan (working with Michelle Finn), a former 0331 Infantry Machine Gunner Team Leader in the  U.S. Marine Corps. I was excited to be at what many of us knew could be a seminal event, a gathering of real Oregonians who love America and her Constitution.

Casey Runyan (L) and Michelle Finn (R) | © Tami Jackson Photography

Casey Runyan (L) and Michelle Finn (R) | © Tami Jackson Photography

This was our chance to show the nation the Oregon that exists outside the progressive enclaves of Multnomah County (Portland) and Lane County (Eugene), which bully the entire state. Those socialist activists are not the Oregonians I’ve known my whole life growing up in this stunningly beautiful state, but rather are Lefty imports largely from our neighboring state to the south.

Getting ready for the day, my loadout consisted of my custom IWB JM Custom Kydex holster and Glock™ 19 Gen 3 — those of us who carry were encouraged to do so. Though I have a CC license, I tucked my t-shirt for an open carry display rather than the usual low profile.

I made the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Roseburg early, noting the traffic becoming thicker and slower as I neared the venue. It soon became clear that a motorcade (I’m told it was Governor Kate Unelected Brown’s convoy) impeded the route.

Note: No, the police escorts will not allow drivers to pass on the right of motorcades. I can attest. And my friend, State Senator Kim Thatcher and hubby are my witnesses!

I arrived at the corner of NW Stewart Parkway and NW Aviation Drive an hour or so early, and the crowd was already assembling. Smiling but determined people, many citizens of Douglas County and Roseburg, others from all over the state.

I felt a special affinity for this community since I had lived here once as a little girl, and in fact my mom worked at KPIC TV in Roseburg. Interestingly, anchor John Doyle worked with my mom and at one point gifted me a cowgirl outfit that I loved and I believe it included a holster! Shades of things to come?

The first sign at the corner of Stewart and Aviation:

Obama Go Home

© Tami Jackson Photography

I made my way down the block shaking hands, fist-bumping friends new and old, a virtual sea of happy, but determined to “take-it-no-more” patriots surrounding me. People waved American flags, smiled and called out, “Molon Labe!” The now famous “No-Bama” truck was prominently parked, easily visible to traffic on both streets.

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All images courtesy of Tami Jackson Photography.