Attorney: Government wants to confine religious freedom

From OneNewsNow:

Tyndale House Publishers is awaiting a court decision on its objection to the HHS mandate that requires free insurance coverage of abortion-causing drugs.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys went before a federal judge in the District of Columbia today (Friday), arguing that the mandate infringes on the religious freedom of the Bible publisher, which is owned by a foundation and spends most of its profits in grants to religious organizations worldwide. ADF attorney Matt Bowman was there and said the government expressed the “narrow view” that a Bible publisher that gives away its money to charity is not actually exercising religion.

Bowman, Matt (ADF)”The government went so far as to say that even if this were the church itself, it would lose its free exercise of religion claim,” he tells OneNewsNow. “This is a government that says that it can pick and choose what religion is, who can exercise religion and where they can exercise it, and can basically say that nobody can do it except in maybe in the four walls of your church — maybe not even then.”

Bowman adds that in this case, the government is “attempting essentially cut the First Amendment out of the Constitution.”

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