Attorney Mat Staver on with Megyn Kelly Discusses Kim Davis Mindset and Situation

Kim Davis’ attorney, Mat Staver, made an appearance on The Kelly File last night to speak with regard to Kim, her situation legally right now, as well as her attitude going forward.

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“What we expect from Kim on Monday, she’s going to go back to work. She loves her job. She loves people. She loves God. And so she wants to balance all three of those.”

“I can tell you that the two big questions are whether she’s going to resign and whether she’s going to issue licenses for same sex marriages. On the first one I know for a fact that she is not going to resign. and the only way that she could be removed from office is by impeachment. and I don’t think there is any way the Kentucky legislature will do that. I think what they’ll do instead is issue legislation that accommodates her and other people’s religious freedom.”