A back-stabbing of Israel disguised as diplomacy

As with almost every issue — our side continues to produce more than enough ammunition for our side to use in the information war. The work ahead is to reach more of our fellow citizens with it.

Here are a few articles about the Obama/Kerry slap at Israel with less than a month left to their term — I’ll continue to add articles as I come across them:

The Resilience of Israel
Despite the mess around it, Israel is in its best geostrategic position in decades.

10 Lies Secretary of State Kerry Told During His Big Middle East Peace Speech
His speech razed facts to the ground in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

Trump’s new Israel paradigm: What is best for America

Obama decides what’s best for Israel

Obama and Kerry: Poster boys for moral relativism

Obama at the UN: The mouse that roared

Obama and Israel: Why Are People Surprised?

Jews aren’t ‘settling’ in the West Bank – they are going home

A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy
And an awful speech by John Kerry.

UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians

The unkindest cut of all, right in the back
Obama’s treachery at the U.N. unites the bipartisan friends of Israel

The Security Council vote was not about settlements. It was about something far worse.

Good Riddance to Obama After His Betrayal of Israel

As Kerry Gives ‘Pathetic’ Final Speech on Israel, Trump Sends His Own Message to the Jewish Nation

Obama’s “Shameful Betrayal” of Israel
Netanyahu calls it right.

A back-stabbing disguised as diplomacy
Israel is pointing out that other Democrats are condemning his actions, too.

Kerry to Israel: A State Cannot Be Both Jewish and Democratic
Our secretary of state might want to review the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan before lecturing Israel.

Obama Despises Israel Because He Despises the West
A religious leftist, he breaks down Bible believers into two categories: fools and liars.

Mark Levin:‘It Appears Anti-Semite Obama is Working With Extremist Palestinians’ to Undermine Israel

Throwing Israel to the U.N.’s wolves
Obama encourages Israel’s enemies, including caliphate-builders, in a parting shot

Obama Drives a Nail into the Coffin of our International Legal Order
President Obama is clearly not yet finished destroying what remains of the U.S.-led international order.