Back to School: Parents Take Notice!

An excellent post from IFI’s David Smith:

Parents, grandparents, and concerned taxpayers take notice! As your children start off a new school year, take time to get to know what’s going on in your local public schools.

Your local public schools are supposed to be places where young minds are taught the basics-reading, writing, and arithmetic — and how to think critically.

But, increasingly, they are becoming institutions where liberal and even radical social agendas are implemented, designed to undermine the truths we teach our children at home and church.

Today, more than ever, parents must take to heart their God-given responsibility to guide their child’s education and moral training.

Activist administrators, faculty, and school board members work tenaciously to implement radical social views through curricula, policy, and the professional development opportunities they provide to staff and faculty, all at taxpayer expense. They work to undermine our deeply held beliefs using our hard-earned money.

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