Bain Capital as an election issue

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Bain more ruthless than Wall Street?

Video on Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich discusses Mitt Romney’s background with Bain Capital and whether that past serves as a liability moving forward.

When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond

‎”Bain’s behavior also reveals something about the values it brings to bear in a process that requires honor and character to work properly. If a firm’s word is not worth the paper it is printed on, then its reputation for bad behavior will impair its ability to function in an honorable and productive way.”

Romney’s Bain Capital made millions off Georgetown Steel as mill morale, finances suffered

“We were doing well and then Bain Capital bought us and they took everything they could out of the company without making the investments we needed to stay competitive,” said James Sanderson, who has been with the mill since 1974 and served as its union president since 1988. “They ran the company into bankruptcy.”