Bald Eagles Fall to Green Energy

From Deroy Murdock at National Review:

Obama favors wind-power companies over America’s national symbol.

When Bald eagles confront danger, most normal Americans would leap to preserve, protect, and defend America’s national symbol. But Team Obama’s response is completely different: It wants to give wind-power companies long-term permits to butcher Bald Eagles on the altar of green energy.

The dirty secret about “clean” wind power is that its turbines are giant, whirling machetes. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), “With more than 100,000 turbines expected to be in operation in the United States by 2030, annual bird mortality rates alone (now estimated by the Service at 440,000 per year) are expected to exceed one million.”

Like other birds, eagles sometimes do not detect blades that often revolve at 200 miles per hour. Such birds of prey focus on finding smaller creatures to devour and then fatally smack into windmills.

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