Articles on the Information War

February 2014

Do the Work of a Political Evangelist: Introducing My BarbWire Column

Questions for the Losing Team (That’s You, Republicans and Conservatives)

Reality on the Ground: the Republican & Conservative Information Distribution System

We Need to Put the Political ‘Idle Army’ to Work

Republicans and Conservatives Must Learn to Reach the Uninformed

The GOP and Conservatives Must Shift into Full Outreach Mode

Thomas Sowell, Ted Cruz, Dunkirk, & the Information War

More Republicans & Conservatives Need to Get into Retail Politics

Political Despair: Symptom of Deficient Grassroots Action

‘There is No Defeat in His Heart’

March 2014

The Conservative Numerical Advantage Won’t Last Forever

Who’s Right, the Optimist or the Pessimist?

Is the Tea Party Succeeding or Failing?

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington v. The Invisible Man

Elected Leaders Can Play Small Ball or Make an Impact

Public Opinion Leaders v. The Hired Help

Where’s Waldo? State Legislators and Their Caucuses

The Right Honorable (and Useless) Members of Congress

Liberal Wealthy Politically Smarter Than Conservative Wealthy

More Evidence: Liberal Wealthy Politically Smarter Than Conservative Wealthy

Many Conservative and Libertarian Wealthy Slow to Learn

Conservative and Libertarian Wealthy Have Much to Learn Politically

Conservative and Libertarian Wealthy Should Only Fund Fighters

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor: We’re Not There Yet

To Overcome Adolescent Thinking We Need to ‘Take the Whole Nation to School’

April 2014

The Information War: Realities on the Ground, April 2014

The Tea Party is Not Fulfilling Its Potential

The Recipe for Tea Party and GOP Stagnation and Failure

‘All That’s Needed in Politics is Me’

‘I’m So Smart I Don’t Need to Go to School’

Creating Organizations: Nobody Does it Better than Conservatives

The Private Sector Improves Products and Services. Why Can’t Politics?

Why are Most Elected Republicans Afraid of Their Own Shadows?

How to Give GOP Elected Officials Some Backbone

May 2014

Preconceptions and the Cost of Losing the Information War

Harry Reid’s Koch Brothers Dementia

The Political Math Still Works Against Republicans and Conservatives

Republicans and Conservatives Share Blame With Obama for Afghanistan, Iraq War Results

June 2014

A Conversation With a Twenty-Something American (Part 1)

A Conversation With a Twenty-Something American (Part 2)

A Conversation With a Twenty-Something American (Part 3)

Sharyl Attkisson on Journalism’s Very Dangerous Trend (VIDEO)

Not Exactly Light Summer Reading: Will America Summon the Will to Correct Course?

Summer Reading: We Lose the Country if Enough People Don’t Get in the Fight

June/July 2014

Those with Big Wallets and Big Microphones Need to Help Activate the Political Army

Walmart Shelves and the Political Information War

The Information War: Are you Going Door to Door Yet?

War Means War: Republicans and Conservatives Had Better Face Reality

Winning the Information War and Collapsing the Liberal Narrative

A Sherman-Like Warning Needed for Republicans

August 2014

We Have More Than Enough Ammo For the Information War

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