Beating the drum, making the plea: Politics needs you

If you’re to the right politically, aghast at what the Obama Administration is doing, and frustrated with the gross ineffectiveness of too many on our side of the political aisle to get the job done, you’re a member of a growing club.

Like a lot of clubs, though, this still has more talkers than doers. That must change ASAP. Constructive political action is what’s needed. Many new people will be needed to put together the kind of political force required to help elect higher caliber candidates to office. As we all know, 2010 is our chance to take an important first step.

If you watch Glenn Beck, listen to Rush Limbaugh, or are involved with one of the many tea party groups, you’re the kind of person the GOP desperately needs to make it into the party that will put American and Illinois back on the right track.

For there to be a triumph of conservative principles, we’ll have to see one of the two parties taking the lead. We can’t fix the nation – or our state – or even our local governments – without first cleaning up our own political back yard.

If you think the country is speeding down this wrong road of excessive government and debt by accident, you are mistaken. The political left has been serious about disseminating their information, electing their candidates, financing their interest groups, and making things “politically possible” towards their own aims.

It’s time for the political right to rise to the challenge. This effort requires people willing to take an honest look at just how much work is required and then do their part. We need reformers and fighters. The alternative is surrender.

In simple terms – we’ve got too many ineffectual, uninspired, and poorly motivated folks crowding out the kind of talent we’re going to need at the local, state, and national level to clean up the governmental messes we face. Your help is needed to build a political movement and the Republican Party into the kind of political force that is able to enact policy solutions rooted on the principles of its platform.

Start in your neighborhood and precinct. As the spring and summer progresses, this space will highlight yet more examples of what rank and file Americans are doing to help move the country back in the right direction.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks this column will review some of the suggestions it has made and review the examples of other “activists” who are truly active. Please stay tuned.