Because I Was Black?

I know this is controversial — but frankly I don’t care. The above-titled article was penned by Rusty Walker at American Thinker. It’s a discussion I’ve had often over the course of my life — I had to be taught about racism when I was older because as a kid growing up it was a foreign concept to me. To my knowledge my parents, and none of my relatives or friends paid any attention to race.

The fact that racism is claimed to be rampant today is b.s. Does genuine racism exist? Of course, and it’s repugnant. But a lot of what goes for “racism” is actually not. You don’t have to be a racial minority to experience prejudice or discrimination or unfair treatment. It’s impossible, of course, but I just wish more racial minorities could see how often white people experience things that are not due to racism at all, rather it is just humans acting like jerks.

I remain convinced that it is a cultural and religious matter, not a racial and political matter. Since I was never programmed to see racism everywhere, and since I’ve lived through several decades of progress when it comes to “race relations,” it’s easy for me to continue to ignore the race hustlers and race baiting media.

Here is Rusty Walker — be sure to follow the link afterwards and read the entire post — it’s not long at all but it makes a point I’ve been wanting to see made for decades:

When serving my first few years in the Air Force, I was driving my new 1969 Mustang convertible. I was stationed at SAC Headquarters, so I was checking out Omaha, exploring the countryside. Soon I noticed I was being followed by a patrol car. He put on his lights and pulled me over. I was not speeding and knew it; there was no justification for pulling me over, yet he did. He checked my registration, ran it through the system, with no problem.

I said, “Why did you stop me?” The officer then transparently made up a story, “Oh, a car matching your description was involved in a crime.” I knew this was not true. My car was a brand new Special Edition 1969 Mustang model, unusual jade green color, with a white top and interior. The only one of its kind. I had bought it out of the showcase window.

So, obviously, I was pulled over because I was black, or black and in a nice automobile.

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Image credit: TungCheung/Shutterstock.