Beltway Insiders Bewildered Over What We Knew About Obama in 2008

From the transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show from yesterday:

RUSH: I am hearing, ladies and gentlemen, that inside the Beltway, behind closed doors, people like Gergen and the media are just shocked and dismayed at how incompetent Obama is, but they’re so invested in the guy they cannot express it. They don’t dare because they’d be cutting themselves off at the same time. ‘Cause they are the ones that bought the hoopla back in 2007. They are the ones who believed in this whole messianic aspect. They’re the ones who believed that we got something magic finally in the White House that was gonna cure all of the evils and ills that Bush wrought. They bought it fully and now privately almost all of them are just beside themselves over how incompetent and incapable the administration is. But they don’t dare report it.

So we had the sound bite yesterday of [NYTimes columnist David] Brooks basically admitting that he blew it, that he got caught up in all the hoopla of 2008. Now, I don’t remember the exact transcript. I don’t want to try to paraphrase it, maybe exaggerate it beyond what Brooks actually said. The point is, if Gergen is part of this group that’s feeling embarrassed, that they so misjudged Obama, that they just can’t believe, so incompetent, so incapable, so whatever, they’re never, by the way, gonna think all this is purposeful. They can’t go that far. They will never admit that. That’s why they’ll draw the line at incompetence. But they’ll never say it. Remember, that’s part of the story, too. They’ll never admit it.

Here’s what Brooks said. There were two bites, but I think this will cover it.

BROOKS: People had the sense they could be transformed through politics. And a lot of us spent a lot of time thinking about politics, but if you’re looking for salvation in politics, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The 2008 Obama campaign could come along, and believe me I’m as guilty as anybody about this, and you get caught up in the fervor of the thing, and when that fervor doesn’t come through you get this emotional crash of disillusionment, and I think we’re a bit living through that, as well.

RUSH: Boy, you could barely hear what he’s saying. He’s admitting here he blew it, got caught up in the emotional fervor, come crashing back down to earth. So there may be some truth to it, what I’m hearing about how collectively the Drive-Bys are just beside themselves.

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