Ben Carson on the Decline and Fall of the United States

Here’s retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson from last Friday’s Illinois Family Institute dinner…you can watch his entire speech below:

Now it is true that we are the pinnacle nation in the world. Not the first pinnacle nation — there have been others before us. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome. Great Britain. France. Spain. Number one, going to be there forever — they thought. What happened to each of them? The same thing. They became enamored of sports and entertainment, lifestyles of the rich and famous, they tolerated corruption and they lost their moral compass and they went right down the tubes.

And some people say that can’t happen to the United States. I think an honest appraisal would demonstrate that it’s already happening in spades. And the question is — can we stop it? Can we be the first pinnacle nation in the history of the world to learn from the mistakes of others and to reverse course. I think we can do it.