Bernie Sanders’ Zinn Zombies

For much more about Bernie Sanders and socialism, visit this page. Here is Mary Grabar:

Yes, Zinn would support Sanders, and lots of young people love them both.

As the communist-sympathizing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders leads the primary pack by double digits, some journalists, like the editorial board of the Wall Street JournalBen Shapiro, and National Review columnists made connections to A People’s History of the United States by one-time Communist Party USA member and lifelong promoter of communism, Howard Zinn. While we have a president who has repeatedly vowed that the United States will never be a socialist country, and the Department of Education fights to offer school choice and to restore free speech and the rule of law on college campuses, the Zinn Education Project, blithely uses the resources of the Smithsonian and the National Endowment for the Humanities to spread Zinn’s overtly political, anti-American, and untrue lessons.

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