Birds of a feather: Why are so many Democrats so reprehensible in exactly the same way?

By Patricia McCarthy:

Pelosi, Swalwell, Schiff, Blumenthal, Nadler, Cohen, Waters, Harris, Booker, et al. are of a piece. Each of them seems to possess an almost identical and wholesale lack of any character at all. Each of them is vicious to the core. Each of them is either wholly unaware of his own hypocrisy, as in falsely accusing Attorney General William Barr of contempt, when those who were in Congress at the time were hysterical when Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in contempt of Congress. Or they assume the American people are ignorant and unable to discern the deviousness of their plan to destroy Trump.

Like the schemers in the old film Seven Days in May, their arrogance exceeded their intelligence.

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