Blue Wave or Red Tide?

By Barney Brenner:

A blue wave? Get real.

The so-called “blue wave” has never been anything more than a leftist construct, a piece of propaganda designed to influence what is hoped is a gullible electorate. It was cooked up far too long before the midterms to be based on anything like objective data. Tracing the frequency of the phrase during the 2018 electoral cycle, on-line citations of a blue wave began to climb around the first of March of this year and have since never dropped to their earlier levels.

So the attempt by left-media to hype this trope has been ongoing, but it never had any legitimacy, let alone legs. In the business of politics, a week can be an age in terms of public opinion. Eight months is almost endless.

And in their collusion with the Dems, what the media likes to ignore is the unprecedented intrusion, after decades of politics as usual, of the factor that will make all the difference: the campaign savvy of President Donald Trump.

In one venue after another, Trump pulls in people by the tens of thousands. Just a favorable statement or tweet has put many of his chosen candidates over the top. Make no mistake: the administration’s accomplishments do not go unnoticed by the voters despite the fake news filters. As in 2016, that silent majority will be decisive this fall.

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