Bozell: ‘Public Now Knows It’s Not Getting News…It’s Getting Leftist Propaganda’

Here is Craig Bannister writing at the Media Research Center about a huge aspect of the information war:

President-elect Donald Trump’s win is “a massive repudiation of the press,” Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell declared today at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Accompanied by other top conservative leaders, Bozell warned the blatantly biased liberal media that the American public is now on to them, so their credibility may be lost forever:

“The public now knows it is not getting news from the ‘news’ media.”

“Liberal media were the second-biggest losers last night,” Bozell said, noting how the “press treated Trump supporters with utter contempt.”

And, now that Americans have caught on to the media’s efforts to manipulate them, voters were finally free to make their own choices about who should lead the country, Bozell concluded:

The leftist media did not decide this election. The American people did.

See Brent Bozell’s full statement below:

All the pundits are declaring today that this victory for Donald Trump is historic in nature. That is true – in America. But I’ve seen it before.

On the eve of the Nicaraguan elections in 1991, I participated in a press conference with three others who had been active during that campaign. They echoed the polls that had the Sandinistas winning by over 20 points. I predicted Violeta Chamorro’s victory. I stated the media polling, authorized by the communist government, was going to be flat wrong. The Nicaraguan people were telling the media what the media wanted to hear – then went to the voting booths and voted for freedom instead.

This is why the pundits got it all wrong. They believed the media and their spin, not just on the coronation of Hillary Clinton, but more important, on America’s repudiation of Donald Trump.

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