BREAKING: DNC – Clinton Collusion to Incite Violence and Rig the Election (Video)

Hillary Clinton signed on for the Rules for Radicals tactics while in college, walking in the footsteps of Communist anarchist, Saul Alinsky. From the days of corruption while first lady of Arkansas, to the full-on offensive to destroy the women testifying about Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs, to the utter failure as Secretary of State, lying about her handling of Benghazi — Hillary brooks no opposition. Ever.

Enemies of the Clintons too often meet an early demise, and/or overwhelming character assassination. Truth does not matter to Hillary. Justice is disdained by Hillary. America and her Constitution matter not a witt to Hillary.

What matters to Hillary is the accrual of power and money. Period.

Now James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has just released an explosive video with proof of what most of us have believed for far too long: there is absolute collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to win (steal) the election.

Elections have always been tough; politics is an extreme sport, not for the faint of heart. But Election 2016 is unprecedented as Hillary Clinton, focused like a laser on winning, won the primary through DNC immoral machinations. Now Mrs. Clinton can see the finish line, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and will not hesitate to destroy anyone or anything impeding her victory.

A quick reading of the Democrat and Republican platforms reveal what’s at stake: the Dem’s are 100% pro abortion, up to the ninth month for any and all reasons; the Republicans are pro-life and will not force taxpayers to pay for the infanticide. Add to that Hillary’s intention to nominate U.S. Supreme Court Justices who are, like her, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, anti-Second Amendment, justices who believe in the “living document,” and the choice is clear. A vote for Hillary is a vote to forever change our once great Republic into a Socialist nation rife with abortion and perversion.

Watch the O’Keefe/Project Veritas video and realize the lengths the DNC and Hillary are willing to go to win: those who believe the ends justify the means will do anything — seriously anything — to win. Nothing matters but winning. And to Hillary, the ONLY evil is not winning.

In the first few seconds Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United for Change (sound familiar? “Change” we can believe in? Fundamental change?) emphasizes:

It doesn’t matter what the friggin legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf*cker.

Followed by Bob Creamer, Founder and Partner of Democracy Partners:

Well, I mean Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on. I’m not suggesting we wait around. We need to start this sh*t right away. On every one of these fronts.

Then back to Scott Foval:

Conflict engagement in, in the lines at Trump rallies. We’re starting anarchy here.

James O’Keefe then introduces the video:

This is Part One of of our undercover investigation into the dark, backroom dealings of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.The culmination of a year long investigation infiltrating the machine from the bottom, all the way to the White House. There are concerns this election will be rigged. What you’re about to see will make you uncomfortable and angry. It’s graphic, uncensored, and disturbing. Our attorney said, there is strong evidence of criminality. And this is just Part One.

Watch and share and remember, this is most likely just the tip of the iceberg that is Hillary’s web of power and individuals and organizations willing to cover and deflect, willing to do anything to villainize Trump and crown Hillary the victor.

And don’t kid yourself: if Hillary wins, America and Americans lose, and lose in such a way that we may never recover our nation’s foundational precepts and former greatness.

PS – Thanks to my great friend and citizen journalist, Dan Sandini for the early tip!