Brexit Would Make No Sense If You Took This Popular High School Class

Ceding most of the K-college schools to the political left is one the biggest failures by conservatives in the information war. In an article at the The Federalist, David Randall writes that some of the poorly educated kids will be adults and “in charge of our foreign policy…and then America will be flying blind”:

New guidelines for a European history class the nation’s advanced high-school students take will educate a generation of American citizens to be bone-ignorant about Europe.

If you learned your European history in an Advanced Placement European history class, you would have no idea why the United Kingdom just voted to be independent from the European Union. As I learned when I wrote the National Association of Scholars’ new report “The Disappearing Continent,” that’s because those classes are now taught according to the College Board’s Advanced Placement European History Course and Exam Description (APEH). It’s a history of Europe from the view of the bureaucrats in Brussels whom the British people just tossed on their ears.

APEH never tells students about Britain’s history of liberty. It describes Parliament as an instrument of elite domination, not as the forge of freedom.

APEH scarcely tells students about how Britain invented the justification of the free market with Adam Smith, put it into practice with Victorian free trade that enriched the world, or under Margaret Thatcher freed it from the dead hand of the welfare state.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Knowledge

APEH never tells students Britain is exceptional, different from the other countries of Europe, and has been for a thousand years and more. They don’t know how Alfred the Great saved Wessex from the Danes, the Magna Carta established the seeds of liberty, or Englishmen chopped off the head of Charles I to prove they were free men.

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