Bringing the Truth about Trump to Those Who Hate Him

Ron A.Y. Rich writes about bringing the truth about Trump to the haters:

Anti-Trumpers have a right to know the truth about President Trump, especially as he relates to every personal interest group — including but not limited to veterans, women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, disabled people, aborted people, and LGBTQIAs.

This article does not take a position on the substantive positions of President Trump; this article just attempts to bring those positions to the attention of the people, so they can vote as they see fit based on who actually serves their personal interests.

This article will highlight a key consideration as to each group along with strategies to make sure these facts reach the people whose interests are most directly affected.

President Trump allegedly insulted all “gold star” military families by berating Khizr Khan. The fact is that all that the president said about the family that was not complimentary is that he wondered why the deceased soldier’s mother wasn’t given a platform (as his hostile and disrespectful father was, whether or not he was honest in his allegations in the process). So anyone who checks the transcript will find that not only didn’t the president insult veterans, but he stood up for the rights of women to be heard.

In addition to the above, the president’s construction company has a record of hiring a higher percentage of women to high positions better than virtually any other construction company. This is a pocketbook issue and an empowerment issue. So are the issues about working women that President Trump addressed through his most assertive and entrepreneurial daughter, Ivanka, most prominently at the Republican National Convention and beyond.

What the president says and does and did in his personal life regarding women does not affect the lives of women in general and 99.99% of America’s women in particular. As Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has pointed out, those were different times. Now Biden gets it. So is it fair to give Biden a pass for his prior passes at women — and more — but not Trump for his prior comments about women and more?

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