Bruce and Diana Rauner Poke Conservatives — Repeatedly

From Laurie Higgins at

It’s not enough for Bruce Rauner to hold liberal views on the evasively-called “social issues.” No siree. In his grasping for votes, Mr. “No-Social-Agenda/Pro-Abortion” Rauner is once again sticking it to social conservatives. His vote-getting tool is his uber-liberal wife Diana Rauner.

NBC-5 News in Chicago aired an interview with Diana Rauner, an excerpt from which shows her saying this:

There’s no way he will ever let anything happen to our reproductive rights. Bruce doesn’t have a social agenda….I think this is a great opportunity in this race where we actually don’t have to think about the social issues because both candidates are pro- choice.

Since the smart, well-educated Rauners surely realize that being “pro-choice” necessarily means he has a social agenda, I can only conclude that Bruce Rauner thinks Illinois voters are bumpkins—either that or he couldn’t care less about the support of social conservatives, in which case , I say, don’t give it to him.

Take note of the absolutism in Diana Rauner’s assertion that there’s “no way” Bruce will “ever let anything happen to our reproductive rights.” Those of you who cling to the hope that at least Rauner supports some minimal restrictions on access to abortion, please heed what his wife is telling us.

Diana Rauner also offered a smug patronizing response when asked if she would call herself a feminist and why. Smiling unctuously, Rauner replied, “Absolutely….feminism is the radical notion that women are people. “ This is a sarcastic and silly statement. No one holds the view that women are not people. And feminism holds a whole host of other and offensive beliefs, including the belief that humans have the right to kill less developed or imperfect humans, including female humans. Feminists like Diana Rauner evidently believe that tiny girls are not people.

What is remarkable is that Bruce Rauner told a dozen people in a meeting early last fall that he believes human life begins at conception. Either he lied—in which case someone ought to ask him when he believes human life actually does begin—or he does believe human life begins at conception but also believes lack of full development or imperfection renders humans undeserving of even minimal protection.

This is not Bruce Rauner’s first poke in conservatives’ eyes with a sharp stick. In September, his campaign released an ad that begins with a woman again making the preposterously oxymoronic (and moronic) claim that Rauner has no “social agenda” but is “pro-choice.”

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