Bruce Rauner thinks Pat Quinn is some kind of genius

From Doug Ibendahl at Republican News Watch:

Bruce Rauner seems a little paranoid these days. I won’t say he’s at the tinfoil hat wearing stage – yet. But then again I don’t know what he does in the privacy of his nine homes.

However, as the various lies about Rauner’s nursing home involvement continue to be peeled away, you can clearly see the growing strain.

Rauner got particularly testy during a press conference on Tuesday when reporters asked about the big trial going on now in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Florida which centers on alarming allegations against the private equity firm Rauner chaired.

The Chicago Sun-Times has video of a portion of Tuesday’s press conference here.

Rauner asserted this whole nursing home matter is just a “distraction” by Pat Quinn “who is creating a diversion away from his failed administration.”

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