C-PAC: The political right’s intelligence and competence problem manifests again (Part 1)

Through the years this column has attempted to help non-political Americans understand the problem with the Americans who dominate the political arena. A few simple statements can sum up my position:

  • The reason private sector (non-political) America constantly achieves great things while the public sector (political) not only flounders but leads the country further into debt – is because of the public sector personnel problem.
  • If more honest and competent people don’t enter the political fray, this country is doomed. If enough do enter, then this will be another American Century.
  • We already know from history what works best when it comes to foreign policy, economic policy, and social policy, yet many so-called educated people in politics can’t grasp that fact.

What’s the problem? The same thing that has always troubled mankind: hubris. One definition says “Hubris often indicates an overestimating of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.”

Most of those who are in important positions in politics at the state and national level on the Republican and conservative side of the aisle are talented enough to get the job, but not talented enough to get the job done.

Why did our GOP leaders squander the George W. Bush eight-year presidency and the 12-year hold on the U.S. House of Representatives (1995-2007) when it comes to fiscal responsibility and the growth of government? See points above.

When a political party doesn’t even possess the simple math skills necessary to balance a budget – it’s no surprise that some can’t grasp the fundamentals of culture and morality – the necessary elements to preserving civilization.

As this column has noted before, civilization is behavior. And yet many politicians are incapable of understanding what types of behavior are conducive to a healthy social fabric.

When it comes to the so-called “homosexual rights agenda,” many people are too lazy to learn about the true nature of the issue. Or they fall prey to hubris, thinking they’re so smart they need not bother examining the goals of the radical left wing social agenda.

It doesn’t take much time to learn more. Let’s start off with a few basic statements that shouldn’t be too difficult to understand – even for those individuals who see themselves as part of the conservative intellectual elite. Some of these elites, by the way, are Fox News Network contributors. Their hubris inspired ignorance on the issue of homosexuality is easy to spot.

  • How a person prefers to have sex is not the equivalent of immutable characteristics such as race or skin color.
  • No one is born a homosexual, just like no one is born with the desire to have sex with children.
  • The First Amendment protection of our Freedom of Religion means that Americans have the right to make moral judgments about others’ behavior – and that includes sexual behavior.

Who in the world wants to organize politically around how they like to have sex? Who in the world wants to have their identity primarily resting on how they like to have sex?

I’ll give you my answer to those two questions. Homosexuals are troubled individuals seeking to quiet inner turmoil by outward activism. They think that legislating acceptance will help them quiet their unquiet conscience. The trouble is – it won’t.