Campus Kangaroo Court Convicts Conservative Professor

Three articles about what’s happening with Professor Robert Oscar Lopez — the first is by David French:

Campus Kangaroo Court Convicts Conservative Professor

Many thanks to Peter Kirsanow for highlighting the plight of my friend and Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain, who’s now facing a petition demanding her suspension for the thoughtcrime of being “hateful” to minorities. This isn’t Dr. Swain’s first campus controversy. She’s faced vandalism, threats, protests, and official condemnation for her previous thoughts on Islam, religious liberty, race, and diversity. But her challenges — as bad as they are — pale in comparison to the ordeal faced by California State University, Northridge, professor Robert Oscar Lopez. The Daily Caller has compiled a comprehensive — and alarming — report.

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Here is the Daily Caller piece noted above, it’s by Eric Owens:

Taxpayer-Funded Diversity Bureaucrats Hound Professor, Compare Reagan Library To KKK CAMP

In an October 2015 letter, Cal State Northridge provost Yi Li informed Lopez that he had found him guilty of a charge of retaliation by attempting “to intimidate and prevent” complaining students “from exercising their rights” to “report what they perceive to be a hostile learning environment.”

According to Li, one student now remembers that Lopez suggested there was “bad blood” between Lopez and the student. The student also claimed that Lopez threatened her by threatening to withhold an award nomination.

Lopez told TheDC that student was never eligible for any awards. He gave the student an A grade in the course, he added.

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Here is Life Site News:

Bisexual prof. raised by lesbians who supports traditional marriage faces loss of tenure

Robert Oscar Lopez isn’t your typical social-conservative professor: he was raised by his mom and her lesbian partner, and he openly admits that he is bisexual.

But he also opposes same-sex “marriage” and adoption, and even submitted a brief to the United States Supreme Court arguing against the redefinition of marriage. He bases his views in part on the trauma of his parents’ divorce when he was a toddler, and his subsequent experiences of being raised in a same-sex household.

Now he says he’s under attack for defending the rights of children to be raised by their natural parents. Specifically, he may lose tenure, and even faces suspension without pay, from California State University-Northridge, the taxpayer-funded university that tenured him just two years ago.

Lopez says that it all began when he gave his students the option to attend and present research, for credit, at a conference he organized on parenting and children’s rights at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in 2014.

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