Can the Weight of 90 Million Not in the Workforce Collapse the Economy? Yes, We Can

Townhall2From Morgan Brittany at

With the latest numbers out this week from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating that over 90 million people are out of the work force, I would say that the White House is well on its way to fulfilling its Cloward and Piven dream.

One of the main objectives to lead us down the path to a “socialist utopia” is to collapse the welfare system, cause a crisis and then have the government come in and change us into a communist republic. Yes, I said it.

Over the past five years, Barak Obama has “fundamentally transformed America” and we have the statistics. Here are a few of his accomplishments:

1. As of this week, there are a record number of Americans out of the work force.

2. There are a record number of Americans on food stamps.

3. There are a record number of Americans on disability.

4. There are a record number of Americans working part-time.

5. The unemployment rate for black youth in July was more than 46%.

6. Obama has succeeded in hurting the people who voted and supported him the most. Women, minorities and the young.

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