I Can Understand the Anger of African-Americans in Ferguson After 50 Years of Broken Promises From Democrats

Rush weighs in — here’s an excerpt from a post that is all good and worth your time:

And I think one of the things that’s happening as we try to analyze the slow deterioration of our culture, which includes a deterioration of knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, of the rule of law, what has happened, what’s replacing that education, that understanding, is this belief that feelings equal common sense.  So that if I feel like the DA could have just ignored the grand jury, then that makes perfect since.  It’s common sense, why didn’t he do it?  I feel like that should have happened.  I would feel better if he would have done that. I would feel better if I got my way.

And feelings, pay attention, folks, if you watch television, and I don’t care what it is, the aftermath of a football or baseball game, “What are you feeling?  What are your emotions? How does this feel?” after they’ve just won the World Series.  How do you think it’s gonna feel?  But even in news programs, nobody’s asked what they think anymore.  Everybody’s asked what they feel.  And nobody tells you what they think.  They always tell you what they feel, and their feelings have become common sense. And the left has toyed with people’s feelings. The Democrat Party has ratcheted up those feelings and created a constant anger disproportionate to reality.

There’s an irrationality about it all.  You can’t talk sense to some of these people.  They’re simply outraged all the time, angry, want to be.  They want to be mad.  That’s the mode of operation.  That’s the mode of existence, which then transfers itself to everybody’s a victim of something, and the victim of a faceless, mean-spirited, extremist majority and/or country that has them constantly in battle, constantly pitched in battle against, in some cases, imaginary forces.  It’s unhealthy as it can be.  And we see how it manifests itself so often, not just last night in Ferguson.

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