If We Can’t Distinguish Between God And Satan, Society’s Going To Hell

Here is Mark A. Signorelli writing at The Federalist:

Our society has lost the ability to make even the most elementary moral distinctions. And it hurts our children most of all.

A “Satanist” organization petitioned a Washington state elementary school to use its facilities for a “Satanist Club,” apparently in response to that school’s use by a Bible-study group. Under the advice of their counsel, who warned that a rejection of this petition would lead to long years of expensive litigation, the school acquiesced and allowed the club to hold its meetings.

This story is of a piece with other “Satanist” related stories, such as the one out of Oklahoma City, where a planned monument containing the Ten Commandments was nixed after a group of Satanists insisted their own monument be included on the public grounds.

The story deserves far more attention than it has received thus far. It shows that our civilization has lost the capacity to make even the most elementary moral and social distinctions. Despite what the half-witted sophists buzzing around such issues often say, there is nothing complicated about the distinction between God and Satan. There is not the least difficulty, to a sensible person, deciding which of these two names ought to have a place in the education of young children, or on the statues in our public squares. Even to the thoroughgoing atheist who regards these names as nothing more than mere symbols, what they symbolize is a matter of clearest preference: a matter of good over evil.

This is a basic conceptual distinction that all other civilizations have managed to make. Yet we cannot make it.

We’ve Lost Our Ability to Discern Basic Truths

In this sense, the spread of litigation around the question of Satanism should be seen in connection with the present fad for transgenderism. Here too, a basic distinction of social life—that between a man and woman—has been subject to confusion.

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