Censored: Networks Haven’t Covered a Single Planned Parenthood Video in One Month

Sometimes it is difficult work to keep from concluding that most conservatives are just plain stupid when it comes to the reality of the information war that surrounds us. Here is the above headline once again:

Censored: Networks Haven’t Covered a Single Planned Parenthood Video in One Month

Let’s go through it slowly: Censored (click here for the definition): Networks (from the article — “the three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS”) Haven’t Covered — a Single Planned Parenthood Video — in One Month.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Not just regarding abortion. But regarding taxes. Governmenting spending. Goverment debt. Government waste. Government corruption. Political corruption. The health realities of the so-called “gay” lifestyle. Just how lousy most public schools are despite most parents’ refusal to believe it. What a waste most higher education is. The real scientific debate over so-called “global warming.” The realities that impact all areas of trade, foreign affairs, and immigration. The list goes on and on…

It’s not hyperbole, by the way, to refer to “most” when mentioning public schools or higher education. Some good takes place — but the K-12 years are mostly wasted since kids could learn so much more in a better learning environment. And most of the work attempted by most colleges and universities could be accomplished online and frankly for free through other means. Of course excellent professors are needed for a lot of what is to be taught. But the ABCs of most of what takes place during the first couple of years of college could be covered without accumulating massive student loan debt.

Back to our article of the day. The old and dominant media mostly (there’s that word again) ignores the policy proposals offered by conservatives. So few Americans know their options — and visit the archives here to learn more about how today’s political campaigns fail to effectively reduce the number of low information voters.

Our side continues to produce massive amounts of information. Precious little of it reaches beyond the choir. But conservatives roll on, mostly — yes, mostly — ignorant or ambivalent about that sad reality. When our message doesn’t see the light of day through the old but dominant media, the K-college schools, or pop culture, it is our duty to develop new ways for that information to reach the uninformed and misinformed.

Here are the first three paragraphs from the LifeNews.com post by Katie Yoder. As you read them — and then follow the link to read the rest, think about the fact that similar articles could be written about most issues.

More fuel doesn’t mean more fire – at least when it comes to the media’s coverage of Planned Parenthood. As more and more undercover footage surfaces, the networks dedicate less and less time to reporting on the horrific videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

In fact, the three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, haven’t reported on a single video exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted babies during their news shows in 31 days – orone full month.

The last time a network mentioned a particular video came July 31, when CBS This Morningcorrespondent Julianna Goldman acknowledged the fourth video of a “Planned Parenthood doctor in Colorado discussing providing fetal tissue for a fee.” NBC last reported on a specific video July 30, while ABC – the worst of all three networks – last noted a video July 16 (keep in mind the first video came out July 14).

Read more: LifeNews.com

Image credit: www.lifenews.com.