Chad Prather re Cotton Gate ‘Sugar, You Probably Want Some Reparations’ (Video)

I had never heard of Chad Prather … until today. I watched this video and the smile on my face just grew. Yep, the cowboy’s got wit and common sense in spades.

Chad dresses down a gal who believe it or not was offended by a cotton plant in a Hobby Lobby store. She said it was “wrong on so many levels.”

Ms. Cotton-Gate seems to be one more whiny baby, one more “I need a safe space” victim in our society. Chad gives her what for and admonishes her, “I do love ya, but the stupidity has got to stop.”

Who is Chad Prather?

As described at his website:

Chad Prather is a student of living life to the fullest. Never one to shy away from adventure or a new experience he faces the world with a smile. Chad is an adopted Texan that calls the Fort Worth (not Dallas!) area home.

Although he grew up in Augusta, GA he migrated to Texas in 2003. Through life’s many winding roads he has managed to keep his positive attitude and tries his absolute best to bring out the best in those he meets.

Chad is an entertainer. A storyteller. Whether he uses music, comedy, motivational speaking, or any combination of the three he feels that everyone has a story that needs to be told.

Through his social media humor videos, he is considered to be one of America’s fastest growing public personalities. His wife, Jade, is still rolling her eyes.

A sought after public entertainer and motivational speaker, Chad uses his life experiences as an athlete, a husband, a father, and a traveler to coach and encourage others on their journey. He is also the host of Ride Television Network’s “It’s My Backyard” as well as making numerous other TV and radio appearances.

Watch this video and I dare you not to smile and shout “Amen!” … and maybe even laugh!

Thank-you Chad for saying what needed to be said.

Can we get all of these “victims” to stop whining and start counting their blessings? Please?