‘Change your species, race? Why not?’

Townhall.com’s Matt Barber has a post up with this great title: “Change your species, race? Why not? ” Addressing the topic of those who label themselves ‘transgender’ (the ‘T’ in LGBT), here’s some of what Matt had to say:

If a person’s “actual sex” needn’t be rooted in biological reality, then why should anything be rooted in biological reality? […] Why stop at “gender identity”? […]

[What about] “species identity”[?] If “a person’s innate, deeply felt psychological identification” is all that matters, then who [are who are any of us] to discriminate…?

For that matter, what about “racial identity?” Again, why the intolerant and arbitrary “gender-identity” narrow-mindedness? […]

“Species identity,” “racial identity” and, to no lesser extent, “gender identity” each represent comically absurd contrivances.

But only one of these comically absurd contrivances is actually taken seriously by an alarming number of at least superficially intelligent people.

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