Chicago School Leaders Don’t Know How They’re Going to Pay for the New Contract!

Folks, this example explains every single thing in government at all levels. When I write about my extensive dealings with dishonest and/or incompetent people during a quarter-century in politics and government, this is what I’m talking about. This country didn’t get screwed up by accident.

From Kyle Olson:

The successful business leaders that sit on the Chicago Board of Education must have checked their brains at the door when they went into the negotiating room with the teachers union. How else could they possibly negotiate a contract that the school district can’t possibly afford?

Truth be told, if board member Penny Pritzker’s Hyatt Hotels operated that way, they’d be out of business. But, alas, this is government. They strike deals with unions and figure out how taxpayers will fund it later.

Reuters tells us:

“Chicago public school teachers returned to their classrooms on Wednesday but thorny questions remained over how Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the cash-strapped school system will pay for the tentative contract that ended a strike of more than a week.”

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