Chicago Tribune Dumps on Ives

As happens so often, Laurie Higgins destroys the Chicago Tribune after it dumps on social conservatives — in this case, gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives:

Last week the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, columnist Eric Zorn, columnist Rex Huppke, and “reporter” Kim Janssen all took shots at gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives’ campaign ad.

The Ives campaign released an ad that criticized policies using actors to depict the constituencies Bruce Rauner serviced through his boneheaded Leftist decisions, and Leftists became apoplectic. Actually, they mainly cared about the depiction of a cross-dressing man—or what the Left risibly calls a “transwoman” to conceal the existential and immutable reality of his sex.

Who is misleading?

Trib writers claim the ad is misleading, but is it misleading or are they? 

Zorn claims the ad “peddles brazen lies” because the bill that “No-Social-Agenda” Rauner signed into law “allows transgender people to revise their birth certificates to align with their current gender identity.” The editorial board makes a similarly misleading claim, writing that the law allows “transgender persons to change the gender designation on their birth certificates.” 

Wrong. Completely wrong.

Either Trib editors and Zorn are hopelessly behind the times, unaware that biological sex and “gender” are no longer synonymous, or they’re deliberately conflating the two in order to conceal the incoherence of the “trans” ideology.

Birth certificates don’t “designate” “genders” or “gender identities.” Birth certificates identify sexes. In this brave new Leftist world, biological sex and gender now represent distinct phenomena. Sex denotes the two categories into which the human species is divided based on chromosomes, anatomy, and biology (i.e., male and female), while “gender” refers to those arbitrary, socially constructed conventions and norms associated with males or females. The American Psychological Association defines gender as the “psychological, behavioral, social, and cultural aspects of being male or female.” Do the editorial board and Zorn really believe that at birth obstetricians “designate” to newborns “social conventions associated with maleness or femaleness”? I suspect those crafty rascals at the Trib know that doctors identify the sex of babies, an objective feature of the human species that never changes.

Speaking of Newspeak

Huppke calls Ives’ ad a “horrible thing” and “ridiculous,” claiming that Ives “does not know the difference between a transgender man and a transgender woman.” His silly, niggling claim was based on Ives’ response to a question in which she referred to the “trans” character in her ad as “transgender man.” Anyone who’s cool and Leftist or who is cowed into using Leftist Newspeak would never call a man who identifies as “transgender” a transgender man. The coolish, foolish, and cowardly among us would use the Newspeak term “transwoman,” a term invented to divert attention from the man-ness of “transwomen.” Maybe Ives simply can’t be deceived or cowed into rhetorical submission to Newspeak.

Trib claims birth certificate law has nothing to do with restrooms

The editorial board takes umbrage that the ad refers to “girls” restrooms when “the bill Rauner signed did not address school bathrooms,” calling that claim “misleading.” Zorn agrees saying the law “has nothing to do with the incendiary issue of who should use which public restroom.”

It takes only a moment or two of deep thought to realize the connection between falsified birth certificates and access to female private spaces—including girls’ restrooms in schools (Which restroom will the dads who pretend to be moms use on Parent Night, during parent-teacher conferences, or at fundraisers open to the public?) I’m confident the editorial board can think deeply, but I’ll help them get started.

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