Christianity, the Constitution and Marriage Wars

Bill Muehlenberg has gathered some important quotes in this post — be sure to follow the link to read the entire article:

That a war has been declared against faith, freedom and family should be obvious to anyone living on planet earth. And that so much of this is coming from the militant homosexual lobby should be equally obvious. What is not always so clear is what the best response is to be from people of faith.

Do we just lay down and roll over, and allow any and all anti-Christian bigotry to take place, or is there a role for resistance of various kinds? Scripture and church history both make it clear that there is a place for things like civil disobedience when need be, as I discuss here.

But let me look further at a specific case which is making the news at the moment in the US. I refer to county clerk Kim Davis and her battles with the homosexual activists. I have already discussed her story here.

In addition to biblical, theological, political and ideological concerns, there are also legal and constitutional concerns. While I can speak with some knowledge about the first four, I do not claim to be an expert in the last two. Thus I want to draw in some others here and share from their wisdom and learning.

There has been no small amount of debate here from Christians as to what Davis should do in her position: resign, hang in there and keep fighting, and so on. I tend to side with those who think her stance is an important and principled one, and she should not just walk from this situation.

Let me draw on a few experts here, as I allow them to express some of my concerns and thoughts on this. I begin with two legal experts, Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson. They argue that Davis is “doing the right thing”. They write…

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