No Church, No Freedom: Why Restricting Religious Freedom Endangers All Freedoms

From Eric Metaxas:

The election is over. But the battle for religious freedom goes on. And it has to — for the sake of all our freedoms.

Regular BreakPoint listeners have heard John Stonestreet and me refer to religious freedom as the “first freedom.” You probably think that’s another way of saying that it’s the most important freedom.

Well, it is. But it’s also the source of all of our freedoms.

Breakpoint newIn a fantastic address at Cedarville University in Ohio, John quoted the French philosopher Luc Ferry, an atheist, who acknowledged the West’s debt to Christianity.

Ferry wrote that “Christianity was to introduce the notion that humanity was fundamentally identical, that men were equal in dignity—an unprecedented idea at the time, and one to which our world owes its entire democratic inheritance.”

But Christianity’s contribution to our “democratic inheritance” was not limited to its ideas about human equality. It was Christianity that taught the West that there are limits to the state’s power and it made our ideas about human freedom possible.

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