Church Must Call for Exodus from Public Schools

BarbWire BWFrom Lee Duigon:

When are American Christians going to get it through their thick skulls that the public schools are not their friend?

Some years ago, a friend of mine was substitute-teaching fifth grade at one of our local schools. Just in passing, he happened to mention the Ten Commandments. You would’ve thought he’d dropped his pants: the children were appalled. “Ooooh!” they gasped in unison. “That’s religion!” As if “religion” were pornography.

At about the same time, another friend’s daughter came home from middle school prattling about “the spiritual power of the Earth.” Apparently that kind of religion was perfectly all right.

I doubt it’s gotten better in the intervening years.

Case in point, in the news earlier this year: “Teacher Tells First Grader Not to Talk About Bible in School

At an elementary school in Riverside, California, a little girl was fulfilling a show-and-tell assignment to “share your family’s Christmas tradition.” She displayed her family’s “Star of Bethlehem” and started to read the Bible verse explaining what the star is all about—and the “teacher” stopped her cold, ordering her back to her seat. Because she was the only one to address the actual meaning of Christmas—which is, after all, beyond all possible dispute–she was the only child the “teacher” silenced.

When the girl’s parents objected, and anti-discrimination lawyers cruised into the picture, school officials courageously declined to comment.

If you want your kids to be exposed, day-in and day-out, to “gender coaching,” earth worship, the joys of Big Government, coercive redistribution of wealth, and hissing, spitting hatred of Christianity, you can’t do better than the public schools. By all means send them there, if that’s what you want; because that’s what you’re gonna get, and in great big doses.

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