Clinton-Era Media Collusion and Propaganda

By Robin Smith:

Clinton Library documents shed light on the Left’s effort to subvert talk radio in the ’90s.

In reality, #FakeNews has not just begun in recent years, as almost every grassroots conservative knows. The media, on a very large scale, especially at the national level, has been coordinating and collaborating for decades as part of the Democrats’ efforts to win elections and showcase the policies that will always benefit their cause. America just now has a president in Donald Trump who’s saying what most have already seen and are thinking: There is rampant media bias.

While President Trump stands against the entire Leftmedia with its army of malcontents always at the ready to swarm, understand that his very presidency is, in part, a result of a desire of the American voter to have a leader who sees what they see and says that they’re saying, despite being told by corporate media that they’re uneducated, racist, bigoted, and whatever name fits.

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