The Clintons — At the End of All Things

Rush Limbaugh recommended two articles to his listeners today — here is an excerpt from Rush and then the links to the two articles:

RUSH: There are two long-form pieces that I want to call your attention to today. Victor Davis Hanson back with a brilliant piece about the Clintons and who they are and what motivates ’em. It’s at National Review Online, and I just love it because it, essentially, in his own words, makes points that I have been trying to make about the Clintons since I first became aware of them in 1990.

There’s another piece, and this also is a piece right after my heart. It’s by somebody named Thomas Frank. Now, there are two Thomas Franks, and one of the Thomas Franks is a big lib who wrote about what happened to Kansas. Meaning, why are people voting against their self-interest by voting against liberals and so forth.

This is a Thomas Frank writing for the U.K. Guardian.  The headline to this piece: “Forget the FBI Cache; the Podesta Emails Show How America is Run.”

I have noted on several occasions what’s at stake here.  The establishment, who they are, why they will do anything to hold onto power.  And this piece nails it.  And the brilliant aspects of this piece is that you can learn it.  You don’t have to tell anybody what you think.

And then the Victor Davis Hanson piece is just over the top in its brilliance at defining the Clintons for us and for everybody.  It’s nothing that you don’t know again — well, some of it might be.  But it is so well crafted, and it’s just dead-on right.  Let me give you just an excerpt paragraph from Victor Davis Hanson here.

Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run — by Thomas Frank
The emails are a window into the soul of the Democratic party and into the dreams and thoughts of the class to whom the party answers.

The Clintons — At the End of All Things — by Victor Davis Hanson
Epic greed, power, and pride: Where’s the bottom? With Bill and Hillary, there’s no telling.

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