CNN Busted Trying to Frame Trump

Someday conservatives will wake up and fight the information war. This fall, if you’re paying attention, you’ve seen the dominant media run as far left as ever, protecting and promoting the Democratic nominee for president. Journalism? Forgettaboutit.

Conservatives are going to have to get serious about creating their own media outlets, and they need to stop spending tens of millions of dollars running ads on the radical leftist media tv and radio channels. Even someone with the most cursory understanding of the situation realizes how foolish that is.

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CNN (also known as the “Clinton News Network) has gone out of its way to try to rig the election for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton this year. It hasn’t even tried to hide its bias in an attempt to destroy Republican nominee Donald Trump’s chances at becoming president.

Over the weekend, CNN tried desperately to find anything it could to distract the American people from the FBI’s announcement that it was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s use of an email server while she was secretary of state.

CNN ran a story on Sunday about a Trump rally in Colorado, only it blatantly lied about what Trump said at the rally in an attempt to smear him, Mediate reported.

The article in question originally ran with the headline “Trump, skeptical of mail-in balloting, encourages voting more than once if necessary.” Here’s a screen grab of the original.

“If you go to university center, they’ll give you a new ballot, they’ll void your old ballot, in some places they do that four or five times, so by tomorrow, almost everyone will have their new ballots in,” Trump said at the rally, according to CNN’s original article.

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