CNN Producer: American Voters ‘Stupid as Sh*t’

Poor CNN…stupid as “Sh*t.” Here is Trey Sanchez writing at Truth Revolt (a must-read website):

James O’Keefe’s latest, exposing “the most busted name in news.”

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released its third installment exposing CNN as fake news. Previously we’ve seen an associate producer admitting the network has been pursuing the Russia/Trump story solely for ratings, contributor Van Jones calling Russia a “big nothing burger,” and now, another associate producer criticizing the intellect of the American voter and their “batsh*t crazy” president.

CNN’s Jimmy Carr, one of the producer’s of New Day, was caught on undercover camera saying:

“We all recognize [Trump] is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this and that he does not have America’s best interests. We recognize he’s just f***ing crazy.”

The undercover journalist then asks, “Would it be fair to question the intellect of the American voter?”

“Oh, no. They’re stupid as shit,” Carr said.

Carr stated that “in theory,” CNN is impartial but said 90% of his “direct co-workers” agree with how he describes the president:

“Here’s the deal: This is a man who’s not actually a Republican. He’s just adopted that because that was the party he thought he could win in. He doesn’t believe anything that these people believe.

“The man’s on his third wife. I guarantee you he’s paid for abortions. He doesn’t give a shit about abortion. He doesn’t care about gay marriage. He doesn’t even really care about the budget. The man’s upping the budget even though he promised to reign it in.”

Carr didn’t have very nice things to say about “you know, the blonde” Kellyanne Conway whom he describes as an “awful woman” who “looks like she got hit with a shovel.” That doesn’t sound like a description that would be approved by feminists, Mr. Carr.

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