Cold Case Christianity: A homicide detective investigating the Gospels

Breakpoint 2This is an interesting interview of J. Warner Wallace by John Stonestreet. Here’s the promo:

John Stonestreet asks former cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace whether the evidence for Christianity is enough to convince a jury that the Bible is true.

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Here’s more information on the book from the website about it:

It’s Time for a Cold Case Approach to the Gospels

Cold Case Detectives investigate specific types of criminal events:

  1. Events that occurred in the distant past
  2. For which there are typically no living eyewitnesses
  3. And little or no direct physical evidence

These cases are made by examining the nature of circumstantial evidence and assembling a convincing, cumulative circumstantial case. The claims of the New Testament Gospels can be similarly investigated:

  1. The gospels record events that occurred in the distant past
  2. For which there are no living eyewitnesses
  3. And no direct physical evidence

The tools used by Cold Case Investigators can be applied to the New Testament gospels to determine if the facts they represent are a true record of the life of Jesus.

Again, here’s the website: Cold Case Christianity.