How the Comey Affair Will Be a Decisive Victory for the President

“Jackal press” — I like it — here is Conrad Black writing at

If played correctly, the psychotic explosion of the Democrats and their allies in the jackal press over the Comey dismissal and his alleged memo can become a decisive victory for the president. The Mueller nomination, a hybrid arrangement that will be a supplementary investigation with the FBI, will push the question into a cul-de-sac that will entirely clear the president.

It need hardly here be emphasized that the efforts to represent the firing of Comey as an excess of authority, an attempt to discourage an exposé of a scandal between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, a replication of any aspect of the Watergate affair, now enriched by the garbled claim of an interference with the Flynn investigation: all of this is part of a madness that has gripped the American political class as it sinks beneath the brackish, fecal waters of the swamp it has filled and wallowed in happily for twenty years.

I will not replicate the presumptuous error of the Trump-haters and mind-read Comey. Whatever his motives and delusions, in July, he seized upon the compromising misconduct of the attorney general, Loretta Lynch in meeting with President Clinton to make the decision not to leave it to the equally publicity-eager deputy attorney general Sally Yates and not any prosecutor, that Mrs. Clinton was guilty of felonies but should not be prosecuted. When the election campaign was down to its last ten days, a mass of improperly withheld and misdirected emails came to the FBI director’s attention and he felt, presumably with some agitation percolating beneath him in the Bureau, that he must refer to them publicly. With haste that cast doubt on the FBI’s thoroughness, he then assured the country that the tens of thousands of emails confirmed his original judgment, that Mrs. Clinton should not be charged. This judgment was beyond his authority to make and an outrage to make publicly, and if he was determined to make it, he should not have announced the reopening of the email question for a few days before shutting it down again.

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