Compassion Means Reuniting These Children With Their Parents

BarbWire BWFrom Bryan Fischer at

Everyone is by now well aware of the tsunami of illegal alien children, unaccompanied by any caring adult, which is sweeping across our southern border.

And contrary to the lies President Obama has been telling, 95% of this flood of immigrants say that violence in their homeland has nothing to do with them breaking into our country. They’re coming because the president has promised everybody in the world they can stay and receive all kinds of rewards for breaking the law.

As a result, unaccompanied minors as young as three have ridden in packed-to-the-gills buses and on the top of a train called “The Beast” to make it to America. These children are in the hands of cold, uncaring human traffickers from the beginning of their journey to its end and, in many tragic cases, wind up in the hands of sex traffickers. All the routes that coyotes follow are in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, who get a slice off of every human being the traffickers smuggle across our border.

These children are now warehoused in hideous, barb-wire topped detention centers, where Border Patrol agents have been reduced to changing diapers and heating formula instead of stopping the drug cartels, who are running the entire show and laughing all the way to the bank while they poison our communities and destroy our youth.

This entire affair is a crime against humanity. For the president and addle-brained Republicans to support a policy of amnesty for smuggled children is a travesty, and leads to the kind of inhuman conditions these children find themselves in today. And there is absolutely no indication that the president intends to stem the tide any time in the near future if at all.

What is the compassionate response to all this? How should a Christian nation respond? The answer is simple and direct: we need to reunite these children with their parents.

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