Congress tries to extract itself from Obamacare suicide pact. Hilarity ensues.

HotAir.comFolks, it doesn’t get any funnier than this. And yet few on the political left will wake up even after news like this is added onto the many other similar stories. Two articles, the first is from

Dems on Capitol Hill retreat from ObamaCare exemption; Update: Dems getting nervous about Obamacare?

It didn’t take long for Democrats to hit reverse on their effort to exempt Capitol Hill from ObamaCare’s exchange rules.  The Hill reports this morning that not only are they no longer seeking an exemption, but that they never sought one in the first place:

Democratic leaders said Thursday they’re not seeking an exemption from a central requirement of ObamaCare — that members of Congress and their staff purchase healthcare coverage through insurance exchanges. …

The healthcare law requires lawmakers and congressional staff to buy their healthcare coverage through the newly created insurance exchanges.

Democrats have raised questions about the mechanics of that requirement, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) both said Thursday they do not believe the mandate should be lifted.

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From Conservative Intel:

Congress tries to extract itself from Obamacare suicide pact. Hilarity ensues.

Politico’s story today on members of Congress desperately trying to exempt themselves and staff from Obamacare is great. But if you missed the earlier piece on the topic, you might think it too focused on the delicate process as members and staff attempt to extract themselves from the suicide pact that is Obamacare. It’s equally important to understand the reasons they’re trying to get out of it.

In brief, this story demonstrates why Obamacare’s insurance exchanges are a lousy deal for most Americans — particularly those who had insurance through an employer before the law passed.

Back when Obamacare was still just someone’s bad idea, employers were providing better insurance at lower prices than what Obamacare is going to provide. Now that Obamacare is out there and (in theory anyway) prepared next year to catch the debris that falls out of the employer insurance market, thousands of companies are just going to start dumping people’s health insurance.

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