Conservatism and Progressivism: Two Irreconcilable Worldviews

Two recent American Thinker articles lay out the basics about the two “irreconcilable” worldviews — and both show why it is so important that our side get serious in fighting the information war.

Our first excerpt is from “Conservatism and Progressivism: Two Irreconcilable Worldviews” by E. M. Cadwaladr, and here is what’s under the subheading “Two Irreconcilable Cultures”:

Not only are conservatism and progressivism opposed, they are absolutely antithetical. In their current forms, each culture has the functional goal of annihilating of the other. Nationalist conservatives cannot tolerate the destruction of their national identity. Globalist progressives cannot tolerate the very idea of nation states. Both sides believe that America was founded as a sort of experiment in individual liberty, but they see the American project completely differently. Conservatives see the founders’ work as a resounding success — something to be cherished, defended, and amended only cautiously and sparingly. Progressives see America as a social laboratory whose work should be ongoing — the vanguard of a new global utopia, reinventing itself continuously without either a stable identity or a set of guiding traditions.

Conservatives and progressives are not different merely in having differing views about the size and scope of government — that is, merely disagreeing about the ideal point along an agreed upon continuum. We are different in kind — two separate peoples in pursuit of two utterly different outcomes. We have reached the point where any notion of compromise — of reaching across the aisle, of bringing people together — is painfully naive and utterly futile. The separate cultures we have become can’t even agree on what the country is.

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Here are a couple of short excerpts from the article “The Vast Cognitive Gulf between the Left and the Right” by Patricia McCarthy:

Is there a neurological or psychological reason that explains the left’s complete meltdown at losing an election, compared to the Right’s historic general acceptance of loss? Since Donald Trump’s upset win on November 8th, a vast number of angry voters on the Left have become unhinged, delusional, depressed. And they act out, like spoiled children when they do not get the toy they want. Many of our elite media left remain, like Ken Burns, in a “fetal position.”

. . .

There is an abyss between how the Left and the Right accepts loss. What explains this? The Left will produce countless “studies” that “show” they have bigger brains, are a more advanced species and that conservatives are truly mentally impaired. That is what they do. Nothing makes them feel better than demeaning their ideological opponents on pseudo-intellectual grounds.

Everyone knows it is the self-appointed morally superior Left that is behind the tyrannies of multiculturalism, political correctness, a genderless society, man-made global warming, the promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage, the crusade against all religions but Isalm, the most violent and intolerant faith on the planet. Not all Muslms are violent and intolerant of course, but 99% of all terrorist acts are committed by radicalized Muslims. And the Left’s knee-jerk response is to protect the jihadis and blame the Right for their crimes.

. . .

We live in the greatest, most successful, least racist, most sane, welcoming and productive country on the planet. The Left should get with the program and stop being the sorest losers ever. They should stop melting down and shaming the 62 million people who voted for Trump. He just might be a great President.

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Image credit: Screenshot of the Drudge Report.